Thursday, June 10, 2010


So it has been awhile. I have a few pictures I was going to post right after the last post, but I never got to it. They are of Chloe climbing into things.

She is a crazy climber now. The other day, she was playing in her room and it was queit for too long, so I went in there and as I am walking in, she is climbing down into her crib. She had climb onto the love seat we have next to her crib, the to the arm of the loveseat, then onto her crib and down. CRAZY!! A few days after that, I caught her on her changing table. She had climbed onto the toys the climbed the rest of the way up to the top. The toys are no longer next to the changing table. She still tries to climb up, but can't do it anymore.

A little over a month ago, Chloe got her first tooth. She now has her two front teeth.

The last few days, if I leave my shoes out, Chloe likes to put one on and walk around with it. She wouldn't look at me, so I didn't get a very good picture, but I'll give you what I got.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Chloe turned a year old a month ago tomorrow. We were going to have a party for her on February 21st, but for certain reasons we postponed it. We ended up having a party with my family for all three babies with birthday's three weeks apart. Melissa was nice enough to make cakes for each baby.

Otto and William both dug into their cakes, but Chloe didn't want anything to do with her cake.

Here are some pictures of after they got done eating the cake. Poor Chloe, just didn't want any. :0(

A little over a week later, we celebrated with Christophe's family. My mom came too. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures. That time Chloe at a little more cake, but not much. Here are some pictures of Chloe on her birthday with some balloons that Uncle Ben, Aunt Shari and Aunt Pat got her. Thanks you guys, she loved them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Like Elizabeth, this is the only form of a journel I keep, so I want to write these few memories I have of my dad and Chloe. I figured I could write them easier then I could tell them.

For the last several months I have been going to my parents' house on Saturdays. Sometimes when I went my dad would be sitting on the couch reading his scriptures or another church book. Chloe was usually asleep when we got there, so I would leave her in her car seat in the living room with my dad. When she would make the slightest peep, Dad would jump up and get her out.

On other occasions I would have her in a high chair eating grahm crackers, a few times she would have eaten all of them, so Dad would get her out and take her to the sink to wash her hands and face. Once that was done, he would "sneak" downstairs so they could go watch college football together. I would go down to check on them a little while later and Dad had usally given Chloe his watch to eat and play with. Those are just a few stories of Dad and Chloe.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My little gamer

Chloe has figured out that if you push buttons on the xbox 360 remote, things happen on the TV. She love to do it too. What can I say, she takes after her father.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A girl after my own heart

So Chloe really loves to put things in her mouth. Normal baby. She really loves to put shiny metal things in her mouth, silverware, watches, necklaces. A few weeks ago we went out to lunch with my Dad and Mom and Uncle Ben. Ben was finished eating and holding Chloe on his lap and this is what happened. . .

Yep, that's right, she is eating salt. She is her mother's daughter. OK OK, she is not eating the salt, just the lid that is shiny and silver.

This is a picture of Grandpa helping her opening her first present. Thanks Aunt Tricia for the Christmas book.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Chloe was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I know I am a little slow at getting this posted. But here are a couple pictures of her all dressed up.

I also got another video of her walking, it has been a few weeks since the last one, and she is walking a lot better now. She doesn't crawl very often anymore, it is mostly walking with a few falls in between.

Not much else has happened or is going on. Just work in the mornings and come home and play with my little cutie.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So some people in my family think that it is a race to see who walks first, Lincoln or Chloe. But it is one race that both Elizabeth and I hope the other one wins. I know right now, they are about at the same place, taking a few steps. Go Lincoln go!!

Anyways, the last time Tricia was home Chloe was tarting to stand on her own. She asked me when Chloe started walking if I would take a video and put it on the blog. Well, it isn't exactly walking, just a taking a few steps. Usually it is just a few steps and the she falls, like below.

But sometimes, if she is going towards something she wants, she will take a few more. (Don't pay attention to the paper towel she is stepping on. There have been a lot of Box Elder bugs in my house and that night I had to keep something handy in case I saw one low enough for me to get, and Chloe had just pulled it down from the couch.)